Thursday, November 17, 2011

[Airen Activities] Hand Banner Pre-Order!

Customised Hand Banner

Material: UV Digital Silkscreen Fabric

Size: 60cm x 20cm

Without glow-in-the dark sticker (at the back)

With glow in the dark gel on Singapore

Order List
nicoleko66 - received (with gel)
koalab3 - received (with gel)
T96 - received (with gel)
iGo - received (with gel)
Rac(kr) - received (with gel)
Yu - received (with gel)
Xin - received (with gel)
Catherine.L - received partial (with gel)
Queenie - received partial (with gel)
Mmeshah - (with gel)
Yixin - received (with gel)
Peishan - received (with gel)
Catherine.S received (with gel)
Chris Kong - received (with gel)
Lyn - received (w/o gel)
Jaslyn - received (w/o gel)
YeeVen - received

Bank Account No. has been forwarded to singapore airen (Pls check email).
Pls send us an email with the following details after payment made.

Contact No:
Customised Name (printed on the banner):
Glow-in-the-dark Singapore: Yes/No
Date of Transfer:
Amount Transferred:
Reference Number(on the ATM Slip or your initial for Internet Banking):

Deadline for payment: 20 Nov 2011 (1159pm)

Should you have any enquiries, pls email us at or drop us a comment on the chatbox. Thanks.

We target collection to be made on the same day as the hoodie. To be announced again. =)

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