Tuesday, May 19, 2020

[Airen Activities] Pre-order of 16th Debut Anniversary Merchandise

Hi Singapore Airen,

How have you been? Beginning this year, we met up with quite a number of you to deliver the Fan Union's Merchandise which includes Calendar, Tumblr and etc, have you started using them already? Because of the virus situation, our lives certainly feels like we are on a standstill. But thankfully, we have Seung Gi who is on television to comfort and cheer us up. Despite the pandemic situation, he never stop working and has delivered many episodes of Master in the House with laughter and touching moments. Thank you, Seung Gi!!

It is the month that everyone gets excited again as we prepare our Worldstar's debut anniversary~ To celebrate Lee Seung Gi 16th Debut Anniversary, we would like to proceed with Fan Union Debut Anniversary Merchandise Purchase Activity. We received many happy and encouraging responses about the previous merchandise activity and we know a couple of you have missed it. While we are unable to get you the previous items, we have came up with a new limited edition set which is suitable for our weather in Singapore ^^

Product Information
◾ [Regular-item Set] Foldable Double-side Print Umbrella with printed autograph, Keyring, Cold Cup  - SGD95 

To thank you for your support, we will be doing a lucky draw to pick one singapore airen who ordered the Regular-item Set. The lucky draw will upgrade your set to a limited edition set which will include 3 freebies (postcard, mask and fan).

◾ [Limited Edition Set] Foldable Double-side Print Umbrella, Keyring, Cold Cup & 3 Freebies - SGD95 (While stock lasts!)
※ There are limited numbers available. We are submitting orders for limited edition set daily. To avoid disappointment, please place order early!

The purchase of the merchandise would also include your participation for support event prepare for Lee Seung Gi.

Closing date for this pre-order will be 3 Sept 2020, 11.59pm (Singapore Time)
Please note that closing date will change without prior notice, we seek your understanding.


(1) The sum is inclusive of an estimation of bank charges and shipping cost from Korea to Singapore. Should the shipping cost be more than what was projected, we would request for a top-up.

(2) We will based on your form to place an order. Without form submission, your order will be invalid even if amount is transferred.

(3) No cancellation or change of order after payment has been made.

(4) Please note that Lee Seung Gi Singapore is not liable for Fan Union production, manufacturing and delivery process and schedule.

(5) The sum above is strictly for self-collection in Singapore. Should you need local postage, please email us at lsg_sgevents@live.com to enquire on postage cost before placing order.

Please make a fund transfer via a bank to POSB Bank - Saving Account No. 060-84778-9 or Paylah!/Paynow Little Berry (Line Group)

After fund transfer has been made, please fill up the form immediately so that we can verify your order and payment.


You will receive an email with order no. from us confirming your order.

Expected delivery will be end of June to early July.

We understand the current situation hasn't been very positive and we hope to remind everyone to support this event within your own means. There are no obligation.

Thank you!

Status Update: Self-collection completed. (Upgraded to Limited Edition Set: Carol)

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