Friday, March 30, 2018

Pre-Order: The Big Issue Magazine (April 2018)

Hello Singapore Airen,

Lee Seung Gi will be on the cover for The Big Issue Magazine - Korea (April Issue - No.176). Unlike the other magazines, The Big Issue magazine is a magazine that's sold on the streets by homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged people. Through the sales of this magazine, they are able to pay for their own food, expenses and etc. Lee Seung Gi Singapore will be showing our support and we hope many Singapore Airen will join us too!

This pre-order is open to all Lee Seung Gi fans (Airen) residing in Singapore.

There is also an option to donate this magazines if you would like to show support but do not need so many magazines.

Product Information

The Big Issue Magazine (April Issue - No.176)

(1) Price for Self-Collection in Singapore: SGD7.00 (incl. shipping fee to Singapore and bank charge fee)

(2) Price for Magazine Donation: SGD6.50 (incl. bank charge fee)

Price has been converted from Korean Won to Singapore Dollars.

Self-Collection in Singapore: Collection details will be sent via email to notify all buyers.

(3) Price for Postage in Singapore: Please email us at to enquire. We will advise on the payment and will issue you a Postage ID in that email. (Number of copies you wish to purchase and donate)

Payment Procedures

Please make a fund transfer to POSB Savings Account - 060-84778-9 (Bank Code: 7171 and Branch: 081)

After you have made a fund transfer and obtain Postage ID No (for local delivery), it is important that you fill up the form. This form is important as it allow staff to verify your payment and process your order. We strongly discourage duplicate submission of form. Should there be an error, email us. We will amend it at our back end.

An email will be sent via email for your reference.

No refund or cancellation is allowed after payment has been made.

Should you have any further enquiries, pls feel free to email us at

We will close this pre-order on 5th April 2018, 1159pm

List of Airen who placed an order

CK - 1
Pei Yu - 1 (P)
Lily - 1
Janicia - 1
Aniway - 1
Christ - 3
Nancy - 1

Total copies donated: 7

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