Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lee Seung Gi: 2018 Movie Support and 2nd Drama Support

Hello Singapore Airen, 

Happy Lunar New Year! 

It has been a busy and satisfying start~ We have drama, variety and even movie from Seung Gi even before the 1st quarter of the year ends. 

Despite the busy filming schedule, Seung Gi always bring a smile to our faces everytime he updates his instagram and the small little things that he did that warm our hearts. You probably seen him in pictures with various fan gifts by now. ^^

It's only 2 weeks left before Hwayugi wraps and Son Oh Gong who brought us through the story of Hwayugi got us all anxious and excited through his acting. 

Earlier, we did a drama support for Hwayugi. Because the episode that was filmed wasn't broadcast then, we could only share an interim report but rest assured you will be seeing event summary report for 1st support soon! His questions and reactions are something to look forward to in that report~ 

We will be preparing one final drama support, giving Son Oh Gong infinite energy booster to wrap up Hwayugi while he prepares for his final showdown! The exact support date hasn't been confirmed but it might likely to happen around end feb.

OhGong heard the threat of Seo Do Yoon~ HAHAHA!

Seo Do Yoon is finally greeting us! 
After months of filming and worldren cheering during that period of time, Our World Star's movie <GoongHap> is finally releasing this February. *Applause*

We hope to be able to gather all our strength in the movie release and encourage him just like what we did during the movie support for filming which he mentioned during his movie press conference (Starts from 3:08) that he was so grateful to have all his fans to cheer for him.

Here's a recap of Worldren Movie Support when Seung Gi is filming Goonghap. ^^

In an earlier episode of Master in the House, he asked the Birch Tree if the tree could hear him and what the tree thought about him. And just like the birch trees, we stand tall, provide him shelter and be his strongest pillar. We will support him together right? hehe And as to what we think about him? He is our hardworking, cool, handsome World Star! Actually the list can go on hahaha but we just stop here =p

We are at our final lap for two important events happening this February~~ Together with LSGKWA, let's join our hands and gather all our strength! 
Lee Seung Gi Singapore does not have an account which maintains its own fund. We collect funds as and when funds are needed for support projects. We welcome any amount of contribution. No obligation. =)

☆ Please make a fund transfer via a bank to POSB Bank - Saving Account No. 060-84778-9
☆ For Kakaogroup LSGSG member, you may DBS Paylah! to Little Berry.

After you have made a transfer, it is important for you to fill up the Contribution Verification Form so that we can keep a record and verify your money immediately.

Contribution Verification Form: https://airen.wufoo.eu/forms/mpyc1vf0pgjjt5/ 

Closing Date & Time
❤️Drama <Hwayugi> 2nd Support
Period: 2018, 19 Feb ~ 23 Feb (1159pm Singapore Time)
❤️Movie <GoongHap> Support 2018
Period: 2018, 26 Feb ~ 2 Mar (1159pm Singapore Time)

※ Even though the period is short, we know we can all do it together.
※ Every contributor will receive a thank you gift. (To be shipped in March)

1. Special Gift - randomly selected
- 5 Contributors in 1st support for <Hwayugi>
- 5 Contributors in 2nd support for <Hwayugi>
- 5 Contributors in support for <GoongHap> 2018

2. Thank You Gift
- 1st and 2nd Support Contributors: We will reveal the gift during our Event Summary for 2nd Support
- <GoongHap> Support 2018 contributors: Photo Card & Photo Movie ticket 

For Overseas fans who would like to show support to Lee Seung Gi, do visit LSGKWA's notice to find out how you can play a part.

On behalf of LSGKWA, we would like to thank Singapore Airen for all the love and support towards Seung Gi. 

No matter what happen, World Airen will always be with Seung Gi. 

At the end, Thank you once again and best wishes in the New Year. 

List of Singapore Airen who participated in the project:

Hwayugi 2nd Drama Support
2878 - $500
2206 - $20
0806 - $350
4869 - $100
2803 - $20
1530 - $100
8722 - $25

Movie Support 2018
2878 - $500
2803 - $20
6080 - $388
4869 - $100
0290 - $80
2003 - $88
1530 - $100
0303 - $300
1007 - $28
8722 - $25


  1. Hi, May I know if you are still using this email address, lsg_sgevents@live.com ?

    1. Hi Christ,

      We apologise for the late reply and update on the site. The email address is still in use. The amount has been confirmed and verified. Thank you for supporting Lee Seung Gi~

      Lee Seung Gi Singapore