Tuesday, October 6, 2015

[Airen Activities] Movie Screening: Love Forecast 오늘의 연애 in Singapore - LSGSG Ticketing Information

Hi Airen,

This year, Korean Film Festival is bringing in Lee Seung Gi's 1st movie, Love Forecast into Singapore! We are excited and pleased to inform that we managed to purchase some movie tickets and will be bundling it up as 5 different types of discounted packages just for you!

Make a Date with LSGSG! Let's support Lee Seung Gi together~!

Movie Title: Love Forecast
Directed by: Park Jin-Pyo
Cast: Lee Seung Gi, Moon Chae Won, Lee Seo Jin, Jung Joon-young
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Language: Korean (with subtitles)
Running Time: 118 mins
Date: 26 October 2015 (Mon)
Time: 7pm
Venue: Shaw Lido Cinema
Movie Category: PG13 - Suitable for persons aged 13 and above but parental guidance is advised for children below 13.

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All viewers will be receiving a thank you gift. For viewers who purchase tickets for Row L,M,N,O via LSGSG, on top of the thank you gift, there will be a bonus gift just for you!

Did we miss out any other goodies beside the free gift? Hmmm... well... we climbed the mountains, passed the river, travelled from urban area to rural area to search for Lee Seung Gi (He is currently filming his 2nd movie, Marital Harmony) and he decided to....... (Fill in the blanks). Well.. you could say is exclusive and only you get that chance! Will this motivate you a little/alot? haha!

Purchasing Details:
1) Indicate the number of movie tickets you wish to purchase.
2) Indicate the number of movie package you wish to purchase for each options. Indicate 0 if you are not purchasing that option.
3) Select your preferred row and seat. Do note that there is only 1 ticket for each seat. The order is final and cannot be change or cancelled after submission.
4) Upon submission, you will receive a copy of the form with an Order Number via email. The email will also include payment details and a link for payment confirmation form.
5) You are require to make a fund transfer to the designated POSB Savings Account and fill up the Payment Confirmation Form. If you did not receive any email after 15mins upon submission, please check your junk mail before emailing us at lsg_sgevents@live.com
6) Do note that the purchase is non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
7) We will send you a confirmation email after we verify your payment. You are required to bring the purchase confirmation email to collect your tickets and food on 26 Oct 2015.

Purchase your tickets here! https://leeseunggisingapore.wufoo.eu/forms/ticket-order-love-forecast-in-singapore-r1fsvla016nlr7v/

[IMPORTANT] After you have submitted the form, it is important that you check your email and verify the row and seat number that you have selected. As the seats are running out fast, there are chances that the seats that you have selected slipped through your hand if another person submitted the form few seconds before you. If you did not receive any email within 30 seconds after submission means the seats you have selected are taken by others.

Do note that NOT all the tickets are available for sale through LSGSG as Shaw is also selling tickets as well.

Thank you.

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