Wednesday, August 26, 2015

[Airen Activities] New Journey to the West Press Conference Support

Hello Singapore Airen,

How have you been? It has been awhile since we last greet. We hope everything is well at your end.

Did you manage to watch the teaser preview of "New Journey to the West"?

 photo wufoo_1.jpg

Isn't it nice to see 1N2D members reunite in PD Na's new work, "New Journey to the West". You probably anticipating as much as we do. We miss them so dearly~ All the laughter, fun, starving and sabotage~ haha! Even though the preview clip only lasted 4 mins but we are able to see how much fun they have together. Are you already laughing after viewing the clip? We got so carried away and can go on and on talking about them~ Back to main topic! haha~

We came to deliver a piece of news. There is a press conference coming up in Seoul. We hope to express our happy hearts and convey our heartfelt congratulations from around the world to "New Journey to the West" Press Conference via Airen Union Support. We apologise for the short notice (seriously no clue until yesterday)

[Plans for "New Journey to the West" Press Conference Support]
*Press Conference schedule: To be informed later.
*Support method: United fan communities (Airen Union Support) led by Official Fanclub
*Estimated Support: Around 300 people including the press, casts, production staffs and etc.
*List of Support Items: Snacks + Postcard + (Souvenir - undecided as schedule might be too tight to prepare any)

Let's come together to wish our guy a Daebak comeback to variety! We look forward to your support~ Thank you Singapore Airen~

Closing date: 31 Aug 2015, 1159pm *extended*

Lee Seung Gi Singapore do not have an account which maintain its own fund.
We collect funds as and when funds are needed for projects.
We welcome any amount of contribution. No obligation. =)

Please make a fund transfer via a bank to
POSB Bank - Saving Account No. 060-84778-9

After you have made a transfer, it is important for you to fill up the Contribution Verfication Form so that we can keep a record and verify your money immediately.

Contribution Verification Form:

For Overseas fans who would like to show support to Lee Seung Gi, do visit LSGKWA's notice to find out how you can play a part.

Thank you.

List of Singapore Airen
7424 - $50
1711 - $50
2790 - $50
0607 - $20
4357 - $100
8003 - $300
0530 - $100
0501 - $20
7673 - $20
7468 - $200
0238 - $50
1802 - $66
1118 - $50
4888 - $20
0806 - $288
1106 - $50

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