Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pre-order: Lee Seung Gi Official Fanclub Love Forecast Goods

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Lee Seung Gi Official Fanclub has invited Airen to show support through the sales of 'Love Forecast & Seung Gi's birthday' souvenirs. The excess funds collected through this merchandise sale will be used for their support event.

Here is your opportunity to grab this merchandises while stock last! Lee Seung Gi Singapore will be assisting Singapore Airen with the purchase.

This pre-order is open to all fans of Lee Seung Gi residing in Singapore.

Product Information

1) Bath Towel* (70 x 129cm )+ Slogan Towel(2-side)(50x 20cm): SGD52
2) Bath Towel* (70 x 129cm) only: SGD48
3) Slogan Towel (2-side)(50x 20cm) only: SGD10

*Terry cloth

In addition, all buyers will receive photo sticker set. Buyers who purchased 1 set will be given 2 pins.

(1) The sum is inclusive of an estimation of bank charges and shipping cost. Should the shipping cost be more than what was projected, we would request for a top-up.
(2) We will based on your form to place an order. Without form submission, your order will be invalid even if amount is transferred.
(3) No cancellation or change of order after payment has been made.
(4) Please note that Lee Seung Gi Singapore is not liable for Official Fanclub production, manufacturing and delivery process and schedule.

Please make a fund transfer via a bank to POSB Bank - Saving Account No. 060-84778-9

After fund transfer has been made, please fill up the form immediately

You will receive an email with order no. from us confirming your order.

Deadline: 12th Jan 2015, 11.59pm (Singapore Time)

To be inform via email when goods arrive in Singapore and ready for collection.


Airen who have placed an order, Order No.:

Order No. 79
Order No. 80
Order No. 81
Order No. 82
Order No. 83
Order No. 84
Order No. 85
Order No. 86
Order No. 87
Order No. 88
Order No. 89
Order No. 90
Order No. 91
Order No. 92
Order No. 93
Order No. 94
Order No. 95
Order No. 96
Order No. 97
Order No. 98
Order No. 99
Order No. 100
Order No. 101

Status: Items have arrived in Singapore. Pending distribution.

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