Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lee Seung Gi: Happy 10th Debut Anniversary!

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Happy 10th Debut Anniversary, Seung Gi~~
It's has been 10 years~~~ Congratulations~
Without you knowing it? You are already 10 –
not TEN months.. not TEN Days .. not TEN hours….
Ohhh….YES!!! TEN years. It’s a decade!
Wow! How far you have gone. How much you have bloomed. How well you have soared.

No matter how good and popular you are – you are still the same cute, inspiring, lovable 이승기 that we have known. Our love, our support and our care for you will not stop here. We believe there are many more good and exciting years that’s coming your way. We will continue to pray for your success, for your career to grow continuously and may all your dreams come true. May you continue to be blessed with an amazing health and happiness always!

Congratulations on your 10th Debut, our handsome Prince~

Lee Seung Gi Singapore Airen

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