Saturday, March 1, 2014

VOTE: Singapore Entertainment Awards 2014

Congratulations to Seung Gi for getting nominated for 2 years in a row and this year, Seung Gi has been nominated in 2 awards!

Thank you Singapore medias for the love, support and recognition of Seung Gi's hardwork.

We have many many happy memories with Seung Gi last year. From 'Kang Chi, the Beginning' to Hope Concert in Seoul, our world evolve around him. Did you have a great time last year?

This year is Seung Gi's 10th year since debut. Let's do our best to show our support as Airen. It is a tough competition. The chances of winning is slim but as long as we tried our best, there will be no regrets. It would be nice to see him receiving an award outside of Korea before he enlist but would that happen? That's depend on us now~ everyone, fighting!

Worldstaff has prepared the guide for your reference:

 photo Slide1.jpg

 photo Slide2.jpg

 photo Slide3.jpg

 photo Slide4.jpg

 photo Slide5.jpg

 photo Slide6.jpg

 photo Slide7.jpg

 photo Slide9.jpg

 photo Slide10.jpg

 photo Slide11.jpg

 photo Slide8.jpg

 photo Slide12.jpg

 photo Slide13.jpg

 photo Slide14.jpg

You can either vote online or sms to vote.

Online Voting (Close on 9th April, 12pm)
1 vote per category for each email account.

SMS Voting (There is no limitation or cap to your votes)

Note: There are 2 categories. H10 and L1

SMS to 146077877

SMS to 146077877

Each SMS cost 21cents (include GST)
Airen who are below 18, please seek parent consent.

Let's do this together!

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