Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Singapore Airen!

Hi Singapore Airen,

Today is 6th November 2013... It is Lee Seung Gi Singapore's 2nd anniversary.

This is the 1st picture that we posted on our site when we 1st started Lee Seung Gi Singapore.

It is nothing fancy...just some words were added to this picture.
'Lee Seung Gi, do you want to date?'

It is words of courage, love, commitment, trust and togetherness.

2 years ago, we started this love journey with Seung Gi and everyone. Did you enjoy this journey with us?
Thank you for all the love and support you had given to Seung Gi. Lee Seung Gi Singapore would not go this far without every one of you. We were not alone anymore because of you.

We did our 1st gathering, followed by 2nd gathering and many many pre-orders and of course, helping you in many ways to get your concert/fan-meeting tickets. We had our 1st very own Singapore Airen's tshirt and coming November, our 3rd hoodie. Thank you everyone who have helped your fellow Singapore airen. Not forgetting Singapore Airen who always carried the LED Boards to the venue in other countries; Tokyo, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and etc. Thank you for your effort on behalf of everyone in Singapore and thank you for sharing your pictures and fan-account with us so that we can share with everyone. Thank you for your selfless dedication who always never want any claims, rewards or credits for the pictures, translation and time spent helping other airen.

Lee Seung Gi Singapore is built by all the love and support everyone given to Seung Gi and Airen. Because of your passion and love for Seung Gi, your support and trust for us, Lee Seung Gi Singapore got Best Fanclub of the year in Singapore. Thank you for everything.We are happy because Seung Gi's name has shine and glow in Singapore because of everyone effort. We will continue to let it shine and glow, right?

Thank you Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen family who is always helping airen in Singapore and always giving encouragement to us. Thank you Worldren family~~ Korea, Japan, USA, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Latin Airen (Ecuador, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Mexico), Turkey Airen.

Lee Seung Gi Singapore is a fanclub which support and cheer for Seung Gi in Singapore and just as much as we love Seung Gi, we love you too, Singapore Airen. Today is your day. A day which we want to tell you how much we enjoy your accompany through this journey.

Despite Seung Gi's busy schedule, we are grateful that he sent his warmest wishes to all Singapore Airen. Seung Gi hopes you can always be happy. We hope Seung Gi is happy everyday too! Let us always be happy because no matter where he is, he is always thinking of you. Happy 2nd Anniversary...Singapore Airen.

 photo 6nov1.jpg

With Love, Lee Seung Gi Singapore.

Congratulations to all winners and thank you everyone for the participation!

Phui Yi
Elaine Lim (LSGSG's choice)


Please email your name, mailing address to Prizes will be send via post.

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