Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lee Seung Gi Japan LIVE Concert 2013

Hi Airen,

The second half of 2013 has been an exciting time for all of us in Asia. Seung Gi embarked on his Asia Tour starting in Bangkok, came to see us in Sentosa and went on to greet Airen in Taiwan before greeting Airen in Japan in Tokyo last week.

Similar to other fan meets, we have showed Singapore Airen support by presenting a flower wreath at the Lee Seung Gi Japan Live concert held on the 7th October in Tokyo International Forum. Everyone has been showing great support to all the projects we have done and has been purchasing merchandises and also travelling around Asia for him. In order to reserve all your support for the BIG event end of year, we decided not to open up for project contribution for Tokyo Concert. We have prepared and contributed to the project for Tokyo Concert in the name of Singapore Airen. :)

Thanks to Japan Airen for the beautiful flower wreaths which have cute little bears and fruits on it~ Could you identify them all? They have helped to prepare the flower wreaths, flowers in the dressing room and gifts to match with its current season~ Autumn~

Check out Japan Airen's gifts for Seung Gi on the Freeboard~ ^^

 photo j11.jpg
 photo J2.jpg

Chocolate has been known to induce endorphine in our body to make us feel happy. Thus, it is no surprise why chocolate is a favourite gift between lovers. Since Seung Gi was on a date with Airen in the concert themed "Shall we Date?", we have prepared chocolate for him and Hook staff from Singapore. We know chocolate has high content of sugar, thus we have prepared no sugar and less sugar chocolate so that he can have it without any worries. ^^

Lion Series which comes with five distinct flavours; sweet, sour, bitter, salty and spicy. Apart from that, we have prepared Kaya Chocolate, Orchid Chocolate, Green Tea Chocolate and Red Wine Chocolate. We hope these distinct flavour of chocolates give him a lot of energy, inspiration and love in preparing his upcoming concert in Seoul.

 photo seunggi_gifts.jpg

For Hook staff, Cashew Chocolate, Kaya Chocolate, Red Tea Chocolate and Red Wine Chocolate was prepared, to thank them for re-opening the pre-order for The Brilliant Show in Singapore's merchandise so that Singapore Airen is able to purchase them.

 photo staff_gifts.jpg

Coming up next, is a highlight event for all Airen - Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert 2013 in Seoul.
Let us continue to come together as Singapore Airen to show our love and support for Seung Gi as he prepares hard for this event. We shall update more as the weeks draw closer. =)

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