Thursday, November 21, 2013

[Airen Activities] Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert 2013 in Seoul *Extended*

Together with Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen family, we would like to confirm on the list of items which we will be doing for Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert 2013 in Seoul.

(1) Concert meal-related support
4 meals (3 during practice rehearsal and 1 during concert day)
- 1st practice rehearsal meal (Seung Gi and 34 crews)
- 2nd practice rehearsal meal (Seung Gi and 29 crews)
- 3rd practice rehearsal meal (Seung Gi and 139 crews)
- Concert day meal and snacks (Seung Gi and 49 crews)

(2) Concert Banner

(3) Concert congratulatory flower wreaths

(4) Flower Basket in the dressing room

(5) Seung Gi and Hook's Gifts

 photo winter1.jpg

(6) Delivering Warmth and Love - Just like Seung Gi, Airen is always trying to find ways to help the communities and make the world a better place. Instead of doing rice/rameyeon wreath this year, Hook and Seung Gi suggested we can actually help needy families to pull through tough and cold winter, by purchasing and delivering winter clothing to them. Winter in Korea starts earlier and earlier each year, during this period of time, temperature goes below 0 at night. While everyone may be still sleeping, these families would have get up early to start working or perhaps work through the night. We would like to deliver warmth and show our love to these families in Korea during this cold season. Good winter clothing are usually expensive and it is costly for families who are not well off to own them, especially if the family have many family members at home. Let us do our best to keep everyone in the family warm.

The contents of support event may be subjected to change, depending on the amount of funds raised~

Some of the airen may have already contributed and some may have not. We are re-opening the project contribution. You can make a contribution if you have not or contribute more to help. Even a small contribution could be a great help and thus we hope many of you will participate in the fundraising~

Please make a fund transfer to the following Bank Account:
POSB Bank - Saving Account No. 060-84778-9 

After you have made a transfer, it is important for you to fill out a Contribution Verification Form:  

This form would help us to keep record and verify your money immediately. All the funds collected will be transferred to Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen's account and will be managed by LSGKWA to prepare the support projects.

Deadline for funds transfer: 24th November 2013 (11.59pm)

The event that is only held once a year is here!

We are happy and moved by many Singapore Airen who have stepped forward to help one another during this busy period. Thank you for spending hours buying tickets for your fellow Singapore airen! Thank you for helping your fellow Singapore Airen to prepare their 1st trip to Seoul/1st concert in Seoul! There were a lot of teamwork involved. Thank you~~~ We are one week away~~ Many projects are in progress~ Let's continue to do our best together!!~

Recap: Last year, we have prepared rice wreath and also meals for Seung Gi and crews.
Find out more here: Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert 2012 Singapore Airen's trip to Seoul 2012

 photo 131-1.jpg

 photo souvenirs.jpg

Souvenirs will be prepared as a token of our appreciation and distributed after Seoul Concert. While stock lasts~ Luggage tag! This is definitely a must, isn't it? Travelling around the world with Seung Gi~

From: LSGKWA - *Event only for concert support fundraising contributors*

Still remember the autographed tumbler that LSGKWA have kept?
We have been troubled over what to do with the autographed tumbler^^
Finally! we ended our worries and we have decided what to do with it~~

We will select contributors for this year's concert support event,...
10 people each from Korea, Japan, USA, Singapore
2 top contributors each from other World Airen countries (excluding the 4countries mentioned above) and
2 top contributors Worldren who contributed through Paypal
and among these selected people, we will do a lucky draw during the after concert party and pick out one lucky winner.

Selection Criteria's for Singapore: we will be selecting the top 5 contributors based on the donation amount and the other 5 contributors based on lucky draw to enter for the LSGKWA's event ^^

List of Names entering the Lucky Draw
Top 5 Contributors

Other 5 Contributors (Lucky Draw)
 photo tumblrdraw.jpg
Mich Kho

Participate in the fundraising event and grab the opportunity to be the lucky winner^^

Please support~~ Thanks!

 photo Promo1.jpg

We look forward to your support. Thank you!


List of Airen who contributed:

1. badzz80 - $80 (verified)
2. norajo24 -$50 (verified)
3. MTDT - $20 (verified)
4. abri - $100 (verified)
5. Airen4Ever - $50 (verified)
6. lovemarch - $50 (verified)
7. Sherisse - $50 (verified)
8. Destiny - $15(verified)
9. JanLuvLSG - $100 (verified)
10. SashimiDou - $201 (verified)
11. ck - $50 (verified)
12. Snow - $40 (verified)
13. Susan - $100 (verified)
14. YMH - $100 (verified)
chcmic -$120 (verified)
15. LYcrazy4LSG - $50 (verified)
16. Tiara - $100 (verified)
17. kimchi - $100 (verified)
18. Sotong - $100 (verified)
19. antron - $30 (verified)
20. Anrellia - $50 (verified)
21. leeliang - $50 (verified)
22. Mei Ling - $30 (verified)
23. mint lsg - $50 (verified)
24. cckr - $26 (verified)
25. Ash76 - 60 (verified)
26. Lj - 200 (verified)
27. Mich Kho - 30 (verified)
28. earthmagi - 110 (verified)
29. eryiLUV - 100 (verified)
carrotjuice - 150 (verified)
30. happyger - 50 (verified)
31. MZ -118 (verified)
Singar77 - 200 (verified)
32. YanNie - 30 (verified)
33. jjuhm - 108 (verified)
34. Maisy - 80 (verified)
35. mummylovemighty - 50 (verified)
36. chilli pepper kd - 50 (verified)
37. Devi - 25 (verified)
Twinklelsg - 128 (verified)
38. lsghhjfan1 - 100 (verified)
39. ymesther - 30 (verified)
40. saranghae - 50 (verified)
41. NomuNomuchuwae - 500 (verified)
sincere - 600 (verified)
42. iloveLSG - 20 (verified)
Larissa - 20 (verified)
Ms Cool - 30 (verified)
Pea - 20 (verified)

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