Friday, August 9, 2013

From Seung Gi: To World Airen (Singapore) - A Special Message

Hi Singapore Airens,

Happy National Day! We hope you are enjoying your long weekend~

Do you still remember Seung Gi signed on the World Map for us earlier this year, in January?

We came to deliver a special message from Seung Gi!
Seung Gi is coming to Singapore and yes! He is thinking about you!
He is feeling shy when asked to give a kiss to all Singapore Airen! hehe
But he wrote it with a cheerful smile and thank goodness his writing is not expressing the same way of how he felt else the "Muacks" will be very small. haha!
He know this Muacks is for many airen in Singapore who have been supporting and loving him through Lee Seung Gi Singapore. So he wrote a big one! ^^

 photo 5f1f0a651d650f753a0532fb5ca0854e_kpnZ6DGgOTX2sKd9rpMzRgELyfZRxTgN.jpg

Singapore Airen, are you ready to welcome him? ^^

 photo 2be1690c11b9c4d5d1b258a35d172a11_1QN2uoTSI5yTNNMn.jpg

Lee Seung Gi Singapore would like you to invite you to join us in cheering and supporting him in Singapore!

Have you write a message for him?
Have you place your order for Singapore Airen's tshirt?

Support Lee Seung Gi Singapore's project!

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