Monday, August 19, 2013

2013 Lee Seung Gi The Brilliant Show in Singapore - Directions to Resort World Sentosa Festive Grand

Hi Overseas Airen,

Thank you for purchasing fan-meeting tickets to come to Singapore to see Seung Gi.
We are excited to see Seung Gi in Singapore and we are happy that a lot of Airen from all over the world is visiting Singapore once again, to show lotsa of love and support to him.

Some Airen will be visiting Singapore for the first time and as the days are drawing near, we have prepared the information below for your consideration so that you can plan your itinerary. =)

This year, Seung Gi's fan-meeting, 2013 Lee Seung Gi “The Brilliant Show “ In Singapore will be held at the Festive Grand Theatre in Resorts World™ Sentosa.

Please note that Sentosa, is an island a short walk away from Singapore mainland.

How to get to Resort World, Sentosa from Singapore Mainland.
Please refer to this link below for a comprehensive guide to getting to Resort World, Sentosa via the Public Bus Services, MRT, Taxi, Cars and even via a good walk.
They also provided links to the MRT maps.


A commonly used mode of transport to Sentosa is via the Sentosa Express (a light rail system).
Please refer to this for more information:

Sentosa Express is located in Vivocity, a shopping mall located just at Harbourfront MRT Station. Below is a photo guide for Sentosa Express

a) Exit Harbourfront MRT Station and you will be at Vivocity Shopping Mall. You will see this store “Candy Empire” when you exit. Please take the escalator right outside this store and proceed up to level 3 (Top most level).

b) At level 3, you will see the Sentosa Express entrance

c) If you have a MRT Ez-link card, you can use it to take the ride. It will deduct $4 (round-trip) from the card. If you don’t have, please buy a ticket using the steps below.

d) Please proceed to buy your entrance tickets at the ticket counters or the self-purchase machine.

Step 1: Purchasing your ticket. 1 ticket - $4 (Singapore Dollar).

 Step 2: Click [$4.00 Island Asmission]
Step 3: Click the number of ticket you wish to purchase. 1 person = 1 ticket
Step 4: Get ready to put in your money when you see this screen.
Step 5: Insert your money
Step 6: Collect your ticket =)

e) Taking the Sentosa Express. Enter the gate by tapping with your ticket.

g) Please alight at the Waterfront Station. It is just 1 stop away.

Upon reaching Waterfront Station, you are now at Resort World.
Please follow the steps below to get to the Festive Grand Theatre.
Exit Waterfront Station and you will see signage that points you towards the Casino. As Festive Grand Theatre is located next to the Casino, please follow in the directions towards the Casino.

Turn left and you will be pointed to an escalator that brings you down to ground level where the Casino is. Please take the escalator down.

And you will see Festive Grand Theatre on your left. You have arrived!

Have a great time in Singapore! Let's have a great time with Seung Gi in Singapore!

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