Thursday, July 11, 2013

[Fan-Meeting] Lee Seung Gi Brilliant Show in Singapore (Cat 1 - Local Fans)


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Date: Saturday, 7 September 2013
Time: 7PM
Duration: Approximately 2 hours
Venue: Festive Grand™ Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa

Ticket Price:
Cat 1: S$218*
Cat 2: S$148*
Cat 3: SGD108*
Premium Cat 4: S$248 (Sold Out)
Cat 5 (Restricted View): SGD218*

*Ticket charge applies

Ticketing Agent:
* Premium, Cat 1, and Cat 5 tickets to purchase at Faith & D Entertainment
* Cat 2 and Cat 3 tickets to purchase at SISTIC

** All Premium, Cat 1 and Cat 5 ticket holders are entitled to HI5 with Lee Seung Gi during the Fan Meeting.

For Fans in Singapore

Cat 1 and Cat 5 Ticket Launch
Date:    Saturday, 13 July 2013
Time:    2pm
Venue:  5th floor atrium, Bugis+ Shopping Mall
Ticket Price for Cat 1 / Cat5: SGD218 + SGD2 (Administration Charge)
Purchase Restriction:  Maximum of 4 tickets per person (regardless of ticket category)
Payment Mode:  Cash payment only
Total tickets on sale:  Category 1 - 400 tickets / Category 5 - 18 tickets
  • No overnight queuing is allowed
  • Queue will start at 10am, which is Bugis+ official mall's opening time
  • Kindly refer to below 5th floor Bugis+ atrium map on the exact location for ticket sale counter

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Lee Seung Gi Singapore will be at the Ticket Launch!

What are the activities that will be going on for that day? It is going to be a fun and happy time together!

(1) Lee Seung Gi Singapore's Thank you Gifts
We would like to thank you Airen for coming to the Ticket Launch Event to purchase your tickets.
Only Airen who purchase a ticket at the Ticket Launch Event will receive a Thank You Gift.
Example: 4 Tickets purchased = 4 Thank you Gifts

(2) Speed Message for Lee Seung Gi
Start to think of a message for Lee Seung Gi~ That message cannot be more than 20 words.
On that day, Staff will be going around with a special device.
In your fastest speed, write a message for Lee Seung Gi! hahaha!
If you plan to draw~ You can! But but but~ complete it before the device be taken away!!
This is open to all who are present on that day, even if you are not purchasing a ticket!
P.S: We will not be collecting your messages via email because Seung Gi gets to read your handwriting!

(3) Are you Lee Seung Gi's trend?
Singapore Airen, let's trend Lee Seung Gi returns to Singapore on Twitter!
Participate in our #LSGreturn2SG Twitter Trending Event.
Starting from 13th July 2013, 10am, all Airen are encouraged to tweet about how you feel about Seungi Gi's return to Singapore and use the hashtag #LSGreturn2SG in your tweet.

For example:
Lee Seung Gi is coming on 7th Sept 2013, I can't wait to see his smiles! #LSGreturn2SG
Kang Chi is coming down to Sentosa this September. Ano~  #LSGreturn2SG

User on twitter will be able to find out the event in Singapore and how much Seung Gi is loved in Singapore. It may become a “trend” and become a Trending Topic on Twitter if there are many Airen doing it at the same time. Let's us trend Lee Seung Gi on that day and show our Airen Love and Support!

This is open to all. Everyone who owns a Twitter Account.

(4) Thank Q Lucky Draw!
This is the 2nd ticket launch!! Of course, we need to have something special~
To celebrate the ticket launch of Lee Seung Gi's event, Lee Seung Gi Singapore will be doing a lucky draw!

How can you participate?
You have to be physically present and in the queue to purchase your tickets.
(1) At 10am, LSGSG Staff will be giving you a stamp on your right hand. With that stamp, you are given ONE Chance for the lucky draw.
(2) LSGSG Staff will not give any one a stamp; if that person join the queue later. Staff will not be revisiting the queue again. Just once.
(3) We are not going by the number of tickets you purchase. If 1 person is purchasing 4 tickets, your lucky draw chance is ONE.
(4) After you purchase your tickets from Faith & D Entertainment, you can have the lucky draw by showing us the stamp on your hand and the ticket you purchased.

(5) What are the prizes?
There are too many to be name!
The biggest prize would probably be this!
Do you recall? ^^

 photo Poster-stand.jpg

(5) Lee Seung Gi Singapore Tshirt Pre-Order
We will be giving out Pre-Orders form.
After you have purchased your tickets from Faith & D Entertainment, you may wish to pass the form and deposit of $10 to LSGSG Staff if you would like to place an order.

Note: The Tshirt material is (Black)Soft Dri-Fit, (Grey)Cotton. The cutting is Unisex. It is NOT woman cut.

We will be collecting a deposit of $10 from you upon submission of the form. There will be a portion of the form which serves as a receipt which allows you to keep. When the Tshirt is ready for collection, we will email you the collection details. Upon collection, you will pay the remaining $8. If you find it a hassle to pay us twice, you may also wish to pay us full upon submitting your form.

Each Tshirt cost SGD18.

Airen who will be placing a pre-order would likely to receive your LSGSG Tshirt by 2nd week of August 2013. Should there be any changes, we will send an email.

Do note that no refund or cancellation once deposit has been made.

For Overseas Airen or Airen who will not be attending the Ticket Launch Event, a separate notice for Pre-order will be posted after the Ticket Launch Event.

See you on 13th July 2013!!

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