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Lee Seung Gi: Lee Seung Gi 9th Debut Anniversary

Hi Airen,

As most of the events are back to back since March, we wasn't able to update as quickly and post immediately. However, if you have been logging in to Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen regularly, you would be able to check on some updates. ^^

For 9th Debut Anniversary Projects, we had 1 meal support and 1 snack event with LSGKWA, official fanclub and other countries fanclubs. The meals at the filming site, korean shaved ice, coffee, tea and various gifts have been the strength of making a good quality drama and really thank you. Just like the warmth message left in the video from our Actor to Airens, we would also like to thank you for watching Kang Chi every week, laughing and crying together, spewing anger and resentment and spending happy times together for a few months. These were indeed happy moments. Thank you, Kang Chi for bringing us happiness.

Our cool actor 'Choi Kang Chi' whom we have been watching since the start of filming would like us to convey to Worldren that he really appreciates all the effort.

Apart from the Meal support in June, we have prepared 9th Debut Anniversary Gifts independently.
Here is the report of the list of the gifts:

World~ 'WORLDREN BOOK' created with the participation of Worldren

Do you still remember the times which we been actively posting activities for your participation? Guess everyone has lost count how many activities were posted and how many you have participated. It's all here!
★9years collection of Lee Seung Gi's footsteps since his debut
'Seunggi's History', 'Singer, actor, concert photos'
★Collection of Worldren events
The pace of Worldren...and the happiness section1-6
★Collection of main articles for the year from the 8th year
'The Rediscovery of singer Lee Seung Gi' 'The Rediscovery of actor Lee Seung Gi'
★Collection of votes in Worldren's questionnaire
@Songs chosen by Worldren
(Most difficult song 1st place- Slave, Duet song 1st place- Will you marry me, To listen live 1st place- Will you marry me)
@My favourite body part of Lee Seung Gi
(1st- dimple 19%, 2nd- Smile 18%, 3rd- Eyes 17%)
@Find out the Best Hair Style!
(1st- Explosive supporting votes of 38% for 'Suit style')
@Find out the Best Style
(1st- Explosive supporting votes of 37% for 'King Jaeha style')
★Collection of events that Worldren have participated
@Worldren's drawing of Kang Chi - World drawing contest
@I am Airen! Handprint authentication
@Words of love- Love confession handwritten in Korean
★Collection of comments in Worldren questionnaire
@If given a little time alone? Will you go on a date with me~ ♥ Seung Gi said "Shall We Date?"
@I got to know it that way!!
@Imagine Lee Seung Gi in 10years time.
@The power of Kang Chi's bracelet?
★Introduction of all countries under World Airen
'Leaving with Lee Seung Gi for a World Tour'
★9th debut congratulatory messages from Worldren!
★Congratulatory messages from countries who participated in 9th debut project!
★Special DVD created by Worldren
★'CM' posters and Inspirational quotes created by Worldren

Although the above information may not be sufficient or very well done, the book has been completed with all our hearts pieced together just like a puzzle...

I am Airen~! The handprint authentication has been used to create a Seung Gi silhouette and I love Seung Gi...
He will be touched when he look at the pages filled with handwritten confessions of love.
Words cannot express the great effort made by each country's staff and members to do an introduction of their country.

'WORLDREN BOOK' has been completed with the participation of each and every worldren.
Unfortunately, we are unable to show all the please check out the photos posted here~^^

 photo book1-1.jpg

 photo book2.jpg

 photo book3.jpg

 photo book4.jpg

 photo book5.jpg

★Special gift (1)
@Debut Anniversary WINE
Recommended by 'World Airen' the one and only '이승기Debut 9th Anniversary WINE' red and white wine carefully selected from the world's excellent production centre's premium wines.
Cannot give this wine a miss on this special day right?
This year because of the filming, the celebration was held at the filming site thus, we decided to give the congratulatory cake a pass.
Instead, we have prepared wine for Seung Gi hoping that he can celebrate with all the important people to him after his filming has ended.

 photo wine.jpg

★Special gift (2)
@All released albums framed up, designed and decorated with gold-plated silhouette.
The time taken for the earth takes to revolve around the sun 9 times.
The time taken for a plain-looking young girl becoming a pretty mother.
The time taken for an elementary student to become a wonderful university student.
The time taken for high school student, Lee Seung Gi who looked nervous singing with a group of friends to break through South Korea and reborn as a World Star.
And the time that we spent together with Lee Seung Gi.
The great singer Lee Seung Gi's footsteps..we have made into a collection and framed up.
Hope that we will always be as close with Seung Gi ^^

 photo frame.jpg

★Special gift (3)
@9th Debut gold Silhouette Bookmark
Don't have a bookmark to mark down where you have read for 'Worldren Book'?
Wonder about our hearts? It takes a formidable amount of time to read at one go...
We hope you will remember Worldren's bookmark every time you walk pass your bookshelf.
We also hope you will remember Worldren.. ㅎㅎ (hehe)

 photo book_mark.jpg

★Special gift (4)
'LE LABO' perfume shower gel that provides a constant fresh scent. 'LE LABO' which means 'The Lab' in french, is a perfume brand from USA, New York.
We hope the refreshing fragrance of the body gel can help to unwind his body and mind^^

 photo body.jpg

To thank other seniority...
We have prepared gifts for Hook director, Teacher Lee Sun Hee and Hook Entertainment Staff.

 photo sk2.jpg

 photo captin_sunny.jpg

 photo letter.jpg

 photo total-1.jpg

Instead of big and colourful gifts for 9th debut anniversary, we have prepared a 9th debut anniversary book 'WORLDREN BOOK' where all Worldren can get unite and participate to show our sincerity together.
Customised made contents and items are produced for Lee Seung Gi and being added to the agenda.

Up till now...
'Kang Chi, the Beginning' Drama support,
'Kang Chi, the Beginning' Press Conference,
'Kang Chi, the Beginning' Meal support in May,
9th Debut Meal support in June,
'Kang Chi, the Beginning' Snack support in June,
Celebration of the end of 'Kang Chi, the Beginning' filming
'Kang Chi, the Beginning' commemorative Gift event,
9th Debut Anniversary Gift event

These are the list of events that we have coordinated and proceeded together with each country for about 5 months to support and cheer for Choi Kang Chi - Lee Seung Gi.

We would like to say thank you to all staff and members of each country
이승기Korea, 이승기Japan, 이승기USAiren, 이승기LatinAiren,
이승기Thailand, 이승기Turkey, 이승기Philippines, 이승기Vietnam, 이승기Indonesia
We really appreciate your efforts and to you, Singapore Airen.

Together, we have once again created another beautiful memories to Seung Gi and gifts for Seung Gi. And thank you Singapore Airen who have sent us introduction of the Singapore City. Thank you for giving us the information so that we are able to put it in the book because we really do not have time to research on it. It really helps alot. Thank you for all your effort and sorry for all the trouble.

Though you may have heard that it has been tough on us for the 1.5 months to produce the book, while making the book, we have gained a number of new experiences. Everyone has came together regardless of countries to create the book together. We hope that with the happiness that we have received, we would be able to spread and pass on to make you and Seung Gi happy.

Thank you very much for participating actively so that this book can be completed.

We look forward to your continous support to Seung Gi and that we can continue to come together and create more beautiful things for him.

Lastly~ ~

The picture message is words from Seung Gi.

 photo message_from_seunggi.jpg

He has shared about the staff gratefulness towards us too. and most importantly, Seung Gi is proud of Airen and is happy because everyone at the filming site is happy. When everyone is happy, Seung Gi is happy. The filming went on with admirable fighting spirit because of your love for them. We would like to thank you once again for supporting all the projects.

Thanks to Lee Seung Gi Singapore staff who have been working very hard in assisting both Singapore and Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen communities and doing their best to show your love to Seung Gi as Singapore Airen and Worldren. We may be lacking in many areas but we hope you can continue to give us alot of understanding, support and encouragement to deliver Singapore love to Seung Gi. Just like what Seung Gi had said in the video, Let's be together. Let it be always~ =)

P.S: For more meal support event pictures, please click on the link:

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