Monday, April 22, 2013

[Airen Activities] 1st Worldren Drawing Contest

Hi Worldren,

 photo 03590m3.jpg

Kang Chi said: "Worldren, its time! 1st Worldren Drawing Contest, will you take part?"

We are having our 1st Worldren Drawing Contest.
There are alot of talented Worldren out there. Let's draw Kang Chi together!

(1) Select a picture of Kang Chi in any 'Kang Chi, the Beginning' episodes.
(2) Draw Kang Chi using any art tool; e.g paint, crayon, paint software (No collage or photoshop software).
(3) We will not be disclosing your identity during the contest. You are not allow to tell anyone that the artwork belongs to you. Call for votes is strictly not allowed. Should we find out, the entry would likely to be disqualified.
(4) Email your jpeg file to (Please include Name/Country/Address)

Closing Date of submission: 26 April 2013, 1159pm (KST)
Voting Period: 27 April 2013 ~ 28 April 2013

(1) The jpeg files will be numbered and posted at LSGKWA (We will NOT disclose the airen artist and country).
(2) Worldren are to leave a "secret" comment to vote for your favourite picture. (1 vote only).
(3) The submitted pictures will also be used for Seung Gi's 9th debut anniversary projects.

Who are the judges?
Everyone in LSGKWA! Worldren vote!

Note: Review doesn't have to be only in English..
Since Seung Gi can read Korean, English, and Japanese, those 3 languages are OK.
However, if you would wish to write in your own language (other than those 3), there will be staff to help you on translation.
So please feel free to write in any languages you want!! :)

Prizes listed in Freeboard:

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