Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lee Seung Gi: Happy 27th Birthday!!

Hello Singapore Airens,

Did you have a great time at the Singapore Airen's gathering?
Recalling back, it was so fun! We were soooo noisy~~~ hahahaa! =x
There has been so many changes taking place for the past one month. We are having abit of headache on how to update the facebook's calendar because everyday there are different challenges we need to resolve. lols! Staff has been working extremely hard to prepare Seung Gi's beautiful gifts, ensuring delivery is on time and also Airen's gifts. Airen's gifts - 2013 limited edition calendar, 이승기 Korea with World Airen's website.

We would like to thank Singapore Airens once again for the birthday funds which we are able to get many impressive gifts for our King's birthday. Please look forward to our email on thank you souvenir.

Lee Seung Gi’s 27th birthday event were prepared in 4 different countries, Japan, Singapore, USAiren and Korea, and the prepared gifts have been delivered to Hook Entertainment on 11 January 2013.

Without further delay, let's present to you the gifts!

The 1st Gift: ‘이승기 Korea with World Airen’ Website (
All of us may be living in different countries with different languages and have not met one another before, but because of a guy named ‘Lee Seung Gi’, we came together. We solved all the challenges under the name of…Airen!

We felt that to be able to have a space where all of us can support and cheer for Lee Seung Gi together regardless of nationalities, it might be the most meaningful and priceless gift to Seung Gi and to all Seung Gi’s beloved Airens too. We hope Seung Gi, the main character of ‘이승기 Korea with World Airen’ will holds a small memory space for this website in his mind.

2nd Gift: 27th Birthday Cake
Seung Gi having our gifts, the watch, the knitted hat, the luggage ready to venture the World!

3rd Gift: Flowers which do not wither, with Lee Seung Gi’s Logo in the centre and the logos of each country surrounding it.
This does not only to represent the past 9 years we had with Seung Gi…10 years, 20 years, 50 years down the road our hearts will not change too.
Fadeless and preserved flowers…we have prepared.
We wish we could always be there for Seung Gi’s joy and sorrows moments.

4th Gift: 1987-year wine (1987 montelena cabernet sauvignon estate)
We have specially prepared a 1987-year wine from America, a year which Seung Gi was born in. Hope that during the birthday party, the wine was well kept in a wine fridge that we have prepared temporarily at Hook.
Seung Gi~ have you already open the wine and have a cup of it? ^^

5th Gift: Tissot Watch
A Tissot watch with a casual wear design that can be worn comfortably at anywhere and give Seung Gi’s attractive wrist more glow.
This gift was also prepared in America.

6th Gift: HERMES Cashmere 100% knitted hat
A Hermes knitted hat to keep him warm for this unusually cold winter.
Does it suit Seung Gi very well?

7th Gift: RIMOWA × MONCLER Suitcase
The suitcase is made by the best carrier company RIMOWA, together with luxury fashion brand MONCLER.
This would surely be one of the necessary items to give to Seung Gi who goes overseas frequently for work.

8th Gift: Airplane neck pillow and sleeping eye patch (TEMPUR)
The TEMPUR neck pillow and sleeping eye patch is easy to bring around when travelling for long distances and we have embroidered a nice and pretty happy birthday logo on it too. We hope that he will use it well when the filming of his drama starts.

9th Gift: Birthday Message Book
Birthday message book containing the love and care of Airens from Korea, Japan, America, Singapore, China and many other Airens across the globe.
From Korean to English, Japanese, Chinese and different languages of each country…
Although all of us used different languages to express our love, I think Seung Gi heard and felt our hearts. 246 messages were received and the book contained 94 pages. Thanks to Lee Seung Gi Singapore Artwork's team who have started working on it immediately after returning from Hope Concert 2012 to create and produce the book.

11th Gift: ‘Our Appreciation’ For Hook Entertainment Family
Chocolates were prepared for Hook family to share and enjoy. Key chains were produced to commemorate Hope Concert 2012. Compact mirror and memo pad as souvenirs. Memo pads were given at a generous quantity so that they can use it in the office. ^^ To celebrate Seung Gi’s 27th birthday and for all Airens to remember this joyous day, memo pad and compact mirrors were made and given to Seung Gi as a souvenir too.

12th Gift: ‘Our Heart’
On behalf of all Japan, Singapore, USA and Korea Airen’s unwavering love towards Seung Gi, Hand written letters were given to him. He can have some jelly beans while reading it.

'A Gift of Gratitude' for Captain Hook and Teacher Lee Sun Hee
A gift of appreciation, 2012 WEDGWOOD mug which Teacher Lee Sun Hee is able to use it in her office, Chocolate and Key chains which were produced to commemorate Hope Concert 2012 have been put together with the gift.

A Picture of all the Gifts we have prepared.

We never thought that after delivery we would received an unexpected gift..
It was his mini album's Forest poster with his signature, congratulating on the opening of 이승기 Korea with World Airen. It is an energy booster! ^^

Many thanks to all the efforts put together from Korea, Japan, USA's staff, the birthday event has took place successfully. It was a great teamwork!

Keep going forward! With the same heart which beats as one, Seung Gi and World Airen, let's be together until the end. ^^

Lee Seung Gi Singapore will continue to cheer for Seung Gi in Singapore and share and care for you and Airens at 이승기 Korea with World Airen's website. It is an amazing feeling where US Airen greets you good morning and you greets them good night. Korean, Japanese and Chinese Airen and us are all picking up new language at the same time. We truly know Seung Gi would loves this space as much as we do. More things are coming up! Please look forward to this space. A place where all Airens come together regardless of language and nationalities. Way to go, Singapore Airens share the passion and love for Lee Seung Gi~~~~~

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