Tuesday, January 8, 2013

[Important Notice] 이승기 Korea with World Airen


Together with Lee Seung Gi Korea, Lee Seung Gi Japan and USAiren, we will cheer for our love, Lee Seung Gi at a beautiful website. This website is created by staff from Korea, Japan, USA and Singapore. We hope you like it.

Presenting to you 이승기 Korea with World Airen
Registration is straight-forward and easy.
We hope you will have a good time at the website.

All of us may be living in different countries with different languages and have not met one another before, but because of a guy named ‘Lee Seung Gi’, we came together. We solved all the challenges under the name of…Airen!

We felt that to be able to have a space where all of us can support and cheer for Lee Seung Gi together regardless of nationalities, it might be the most meaningful and priceless gift to Seung Gi and to all Seung Gi’s beloved Airens too. We hope Seung Gi, the main character of ‘이승기 Korea with World Airen’ will holds a small memory space for this website in his mind.

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to leave a comment.

Please kindly take note that you are not able to change your Name and ID after registration is completed.

See you there!

이승기 Korea with World Airen is different from Lee Seung Gi's Official Website.

Your User ID at 이승기 Korea with World Airen DO NOT ALLOW you to login to Lee Seung Gi's Official Website (http://leeseunggi.com)

Thanks! ^^

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