Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert 2012 in Seoul

Almost half of the December has passed by. Everyone is still immersed in Seung Gi's music and also Hope Concert in Seoul. Seung Gi who have always been giving his best to us, presented a beautiful and splendid performance in Seoul. He also give us an early christmas present which come with healing effect, keeping us warm from singapore's rainy season. :)

This year, we are thankful for so many things that has happened. Seung Gi's visit to Singapore, Seung Gi's drama, Seung Gi's music, Seung Gi's concert and also Airens' friendship. We are happy to be able to show alot of love to Seung Gi and also to Airens. Things can get pretty tricky, demanding and tough some time but Seung Gi's messages and Airens' encouragement have kept us going. Thank you so much.

Because both events (Release of 5.5 album & Hope Concert) happened almost the same time, we were battling against time and stamina once again. haha! The Hope Concert Project will not be as successful without everyone help. The event took place, bringing lots of love and warm feeling to everyone this winter. Thank you so much once again.

Together with SeungSunLove (Korea), SeungSunLove (Japan), China Cafe and Lee Seung Gi Singapore, we present to you the Hope Concert Project.

(1) Rice Wreath
As requested by many Singapore Airens, they wish to contribute more for the Rice Wreath. Apart from having 1 rice wreath together with SeungSunLove, we have ordered additional one more rice wreath and had designed the picture to be displayed. A total of 250kg of rice were donated under Singapore Airens.

Lee Seung Gi Singapore's Rice wreath was placed indoor.
(Lee Seung Gi Singapore - With Passion & Love)
Singapore Airens' Rice Wreath was placed outdoor.
(Singapore Airens - To Celebrate, To Share, To Give as Lee Seung Gi Airen)

(2) Lee Seung Gi Singapore's Banner

It is placed in the concert hall.

(3) Flower Basket at Lee Seung Gi's waiting room
A message card was placed together with the basket. "Everyone's hope. Today is our happiest time."

(4) Packed Lunch for Lee Seung Gi, Captain Hook, Director of Hook Entertainment, Managers and Secretary

(a) Packed Lunch for Lee Seung Gi
Seung Gi was surprised by the beautiful crown on the packed lunch box. He said thank you for the great meal! ^^ (We are not going into details for the food served but briefly, he had grilled eel, 9 side dishes, 6 different kinds of fruits and more.)

(b) Packed Lunch for Teacher Lee Sun Hee
A vibrant colour was used for Teacher Lee Sun Hee. The menu is similar to Seung Gi.
Teacher Lee Sun Hee have given advices and help to Seung Gi on his new album.
Seung Gi has expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards his teacher.
We are happy and grateful to have Teacher Lee Sun Hee joining us for the concert.

(c) Packed Lunch for Captain Hook
Captain Hook noticed the nice laid out settings of the packed lunch. The food served is similar to Seung Gi and Teacher Lee Sun Hee.

(d) Packed Lunch for Director, Managers and Secretary

(e) Meal for Concert Crews
Food Cart (160 servings) and a delicious spread of food were served at the concert venue.

(f) Packed Lunch for Concert Crews (130 pax)
Due to busy time schedule, some concert crews were not able to enjoy the spread of food served, we have prepared packed lunch.

(g) Gifts and Souvenirs
Organic pear juice and Organic orange juice were bring to boil in early morning. All gifts were delivered at 10am. Hand-made chocolate, hand-warmers, lightsticks and Multi-vitamins were packed.

We would like to thank Singapore Airens' fund contributions in making the project a success. It has bring lots of warmth and love to Seung Gi, Teacher Lee Sun Hee, Hook Entertainment and Concert Crews this winter.

Thank you, Singapore Airens!
Jessiechewvy - $100 (Verified)
Airen Judith - $50 (Verified)
KP - $60 (Verified)
ning - $50 (Verified)
Sook - $150 (Verified)
SashimiDou - $50 (Verified)
LYcrazy4LSG - $50 (Verified)
Antron - $50 (Verified)
SG4mie - $50 (Verified)
chcmic - $50 (Verified)
Wenni - $50 (Verified)
Ash76 - $120 (Verified)
Yuen Ling - $300 (Verified)
Monkeyairen - $100 (Verified)
leeliang - $50 (Verified)
jjuhm - $100 (Verified)
Judy - $100 (Verified)
MummyloveMighty - $60 (Verified)
luvLSG - $40 (Verified)
sincere - $300 (Verified)
sunby - $100 (Verified)
Ling2 - $100 (Verified)
iloveLSG - $80 (Verified)
lsgfaneryi - $50 (Verified)
Heodang - $50 (Verified)
Yennie - $25 (Verified)
Tinkle - $50 (Verified)
Peppermint - $100 (Verified)
Mei Ling - $50 (Verified)
lovedaewoong - $170 (Verified)
appie pie - $170 (Verified)
nomunomuchuwa LSG - $170 (Verified)
carrotjuice - $170 (Verified) - $170 (Verified)
jojolsg - $170 (Verified)

Total Funds: $2,485 + $1020 = $3505

(a) For Airens
Lee Seung Gi Singapore's staff had hand-made this beautiful souvenirs to give to funds contributors, Korean Airens and Japan Airens.

(b) For Airens
Lee Seung Gi Singapore's staff had designed 4 card stickers representing 4 themes of Seung Gi's 5.5 (Mini) album songs. It was distributed at the concert venue as a souvenirs. 2013 calendar card and Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Singapore's landyards were also distributed at the concert venue. All costs paid by Lee Seung Gi Singapore's staff.

Lee Seung Gi Singapore's staff had also prepared gifts and delivered them to Hook Entertainment on 3rd December 2012.

(a) For Seung Gi
We decided to prepare something for tea break/snacks as meal is being prepared on a separate day. Seung Gi loves food so he definitely love this because is delicious! :)

(1) An Original Singapore Product - The Cookie Museum (Baileys Noisettes Cookies)
Contained Bailey's liquor, hazelnut, white chocolate, cherry. No eggs and low sugar.

(2) Singapore Heritage Collection - The Cookie Museum (Pandan Chiffon Cookies)

(3) TWG Premium Tea Bags (Assorted)

(4) 2 Bohemia Crystal Angels from Ruckl Crystal made in Czech Republic

(5) Lee Seung Gi Singapore's Hoodies, Card Stickers, Card Calendar 2013

(6) Letter for Lee Seung Gi

(b) For Hook Entertainment - Tea break/Snacks

(1) An Original Singapore Product - The Cookie Museum (Champagne Litchi Cookies)
Contained Champagne (liquor), Lychee, Cherry, Macadamia Nuts, No eggs and low sugar

(2) An Original Singapore Product - The Cookie Museum (Berry Lite Cookies)

(3) TWG Premium Tea Bags (Assorted)

(4) Singapore Merlion Chocolates


English translations for Letter to Seung Gi

Our Prince Lee Seung Gi ssi

Congratulations for yet another successful year in your Entertainment career!

The 5.5 mini album is so soothing to the ears and with your angelic voice it is a great healing power to us. All the four songs were awesome. We listened to a different kind of music, tune and rhythm from you. It's so cool! We really love it!

Your sincerity and thoughtfulness and love for fans have touched everyone in Singapore. Singapore fans and media were excited and honoured to have you with us. We wish to continue to gather many fans in singapore to cheer and support you. We are thankful for your love. You always do your very best. You are our role model to be a better and happier person in life. Let's continue to depend on one another for strength and hope. We love you!

2012 has been an amazing year for Lee Seung Gi Singapore (LSGSG). We are officially one year old. The fan club wish to stay with you and support and you till the end of time.

We can never get enough of you Lee Seung Gi sssi.... We dearly missed you immediately after the fan meet. We were totally lost like in a Forest! To overcome this.... Yes!! Here we are at your Hope 2012 Concert! We have about 70 Singapore Airens here in Seoul attending your concert this year. We are definitely going to have a Blast in the Olympic Stadium.

We will continue to be with you.... Forever!

With Passion & Love,
Lee Seung Gi Singapore


Wrapping up the last project of 2012. Thank you, everyone for your love and support for Seung Gi. Lee Seung Gi Singapore has grew quickly this year. There are many people we wish to say thank you but it never seem to be enough, the staff, the helpers, the contributors, the medias and so many more. The staff who have been giving their best for each projects and pre-orders (terribly sorry there were some demanding tone and request along the way, don't take it to heart), their commitment and selfless dedication to Lee Seung Gi Singapore is beyond words. We are contented for everything that has happened this year. Let's look forward to 2013 with a thankful and sharing heart together. ^^

Happy holidays!

With lotsa love from
Lee Seung Gi Singapore


  1. thank you , the team have done well. Keep it up :)

  2. Well done, lsg singapore. Appreciate all ur effort and kindness. Thanks.

  3. Wow! Impressive job! Thanks LSG Singapore for all the time and effort! Also great to meet some of you in SEOUL! We will continue to support our KING! :)

    PS: ooh I din rec the calender card/lanyard and stickers. :( anymore left?
    I will be at Wendys tomolo :)