Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lee Seung Gi's Asia Fan-meeting Tour - Malaysia and Indonesia

Hi Singapore Airens,

Lee Seung Gi's Asia fan-meeting ended with a happy note. The love and fan support in Indonesia and Malaysia was amazing! Thank you, Airens for their hardwork!

We are glad that we are able to help Singapore Airens on the fan-meeting tickets and they enjoyed themselves in Malaysia and Indonesia. Thank you, AirenIndo for assisting Singapore Airens as well! They have been a great host! After the Indonesia's press conference, Singapore Airens have a gathering with AirenIndo! It was a fun night! :)

Singapore Airens' love and support were sent over. Seung Gi recognised them as they were also wearing LSGSG's tshirt. LSGSG's LED boards were also used during the fan-meeting and of course, our latest creation, Lee Seung Gi Singapore's love fan which Seung Gi has brought one home too!

Thank you, Airens for all the contributions that we are able to display beautiful flower stands to show our love and support for Seung Gi and his event in Asia.

We would like to thank China Cafe and Malaysia Fan club for assisting in the flower stands at Malaysia's venue.

Flower Stands in Malaysia's Fan-meeting

Lee Seung Gi Singapore has helped in ordering and making of flower stands in Indonesia. We have worked very closely with the florist for several weeks. Flowers and Designs of the fan club message board was designed by us and created by the florist. The beautiful picture card that you see comes from all the way from SeungSunLove (Korea). They have sent us all the beautiful picture cards before we set off to Indonesia.

We arrived early at the venue and had brought our florists along. The placement of the flower stands were placed at locations which Seung Gi can see. Thank you, Munial staff and AirenIndo for assisting and doing a great job in ensuring all operations were carried out smoothly. We are very surprised and very moved that Lee Seung Gi Singapore's flower stand were placed on the left side of the stage and AirenIndo's flower stand were placed beside the stage on the right side of the stage. We couldn't thank AirenIndo enough for the thoughtful gesture. Thank you, girls!!!

Flower Stands in Indonesia's Fan-meeting

Apart from the flower stands which were displayed, we have got Seung Gi some food snacks. He enjoyed eating Pandan Cake very much when he visited Singapore, so we got him one and that he can have it for tea or supper when he rest in his room. Goddiva chocolate to give him love and energy for his show. We have also given Macadamia Truffles Chocolates to Hook Entertainment's staff. We decided that since the funds contributions were announced and posted for flower stands, we did not used this funds on food. All this were purchased by LSGSG's staff and presented in the name of Lee Seung Gi Singapore ^^ Thank you, girls for the selfless contribution from time to time. Always grateful ~ ~  *Hugs*

We hope you enjoy reading the summary account above. We have received quite a number of videos and photos from Singapore Airens and they would like to share it with you. We will try to fix it and get it up soon. All the videos and photos will be posted on

Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert 2012 in Seoul is 20 days away! Let's look forward to another great performance by Seung Gi! Thank you, Airens! Have a good weekend!

With Love, Lee Seung Gi Singapore

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