Tuesday, September 18, 2012

[Airen Activities] Lee Seung Gi's Showcase in Malaysia

Hi Airens,

News of Lee Seung Gi's Showcase in Malaysia has been released by Jazzy Group.
After Seung Gi made a stop in Singapore, he is making a u-turn back to somewhere near us, a stop at our neighbouring country, Malaysia. ^^

Jazzy Group has released the ticketing info for Lee Seung Gi's Showcase (mini concert) in Malaysia (NOT fan-meeting). Definition of Showcase (according to Jazzy Group's twitter): Fan-meeting do not have singing and Showcase have singing.

18 Sep 2012 - Lee Seung Gi Singapore have sent an email to all Singapore Airens who are interested to attend the showcase (A contact list was prepared earlier. Singapore Airens have to drop their name and email with us.) We apologise that all new requests pertaining to Lee Seung Gi Showcase in Malaysia is closed.

Payment received and sequence as followed:


Details of collection of tickets have been sent via email. Singapore Airens have collected their tickets. :)

Congratulations to all VIP lucky draw winners who have won Seung Gi's signature!

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