Saturday, July 21, 2012

[Fan-Meeting] Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Singapore *Update*

From Faith & D Team:

Dear Category 1 ticket holders

We are really excited to share this good news with you! Seung Gi just informed that he wants to take group photo with you all. This is indeed a very pleasant surprise as we never expect this sweet gesture from him. Airens who have taken the trouble to do telegraphic payment within a short notice, Airens who have queued for long hours during the ticket launch, Airens who have been supporting this fan meeting since day one - your love showered to Seung Gi is well noted and appreciated!

The group photo taking session will be held immediately after the fan meeting on Saturday, 25 August for all Category 1 ticket holders (regardless the ticket purchased directly from Faith & D or from SISTIC). Photo will be taken in group of 30 people.

Airens seated at Category 1, do remember to dress your best on the event date! ^__^

(Credit: Faith & D Entertainment )

P.S: For Airen who has yet to purchase Cat 1 tickets, You can get tickets through SISTIC (

昇基通知主办单位(Faith&D)他要求合照。这的确是一个意想不到的大的惊喜~~~ 昇基知道~都知道~ 你排队买票~你去银行汇钱~你去设立paypal帐户~这种种的困难及不便他都知道你很爱他~ 大合照(每组30人)在粉丝见面结束就开始。只限第一系类(Cat 1) 票的爱人朋友~ 还没买票的爱人朋友们,别犹豫了~ 通过网上SISTIC购票吧~ 网址 票价:一类席 新币198 / 二类席 新币138/ 三类席 新币68 (SISTIC手续费另算) 现在到8月6日, 用Mastercard付款, 并能参加幸运抽奖可得昇基礼包(海报/文件夹/餐券)~

シンガポールのイ·スンギのファンミーティング! CAT1チケット所有者は彼と一緒に集合写真を持っています。購入して(CAT1チケット) この機会をお見逃しなく!シンガポールでお会いしましょ! ~ ^^

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