Sunday, July 1, 2012

[Fan-Meeting] Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Singapore! (Cat 1's Launch Event in Singapore)

Hi Singapore Airens,

Thank you for making 30th June 2012 a very special day for all of us.
Thank you for coming down to Marina Square to grab your Cat 1's tickets!
We hope you have a great time!

Planning was done a couple of weeks back. We have been working on this everyday. hehe. It is an important day for all Airen in Singapore because Faith & D Entertainment had planned a Cat 1's Launch Event for all of us. We had worked closely with Faith & D. We have accompanied you through the whole queuing session. We had the video screening, toilet support, message cards for Seung Gi, T-shirt ordering and photo-taking session!

We are sorry for some hiccups along the way~ We really heard you (the disappointment sound) when there is a small technical error in the video screening but it all went well after that *phew* Did you enjoy all the videos? Which part did you enjoy the most? We felt really proud that his music is being played in a busy mall and public are actually stopping by and watching him sing~ Some commented his voice is really nice!

The Land-yard! We did it exclusively for you in attending the Launch Event!

We want to thank you for your support for coming down to Marina Square, showing so much love and support for Seung Gi~ ~ We hope you like it! ^^

Beautiful bouquet of flowers was presented to Faith & D Entertainment! They have been working very hard for the past 1+ year and we are really grateful for all that they have done for us, in making our dreams come true!

We had been informed that the queue started really very early. Airen were queuing outside the mall as early as 8am.

The queue continued outdoor after the indoor was full! We spotted alot of happy faces, sharing their Airen's experiences, talking about Seung Gi alot! hahahaha~

Faith & D's staff did a great job! The process is smooth and in order! ^^

A Singapore Airen did this box! Isn't it beautiful? Message Cards were distributed during the queue and ALL the messages will be in a message book and *xxxxxxx* for him!

The Card Tickets! Airen commented that he look really sexy here! What do you think? hehe
Please remember to bring this on 25 August 2012 to Kallang Theater!! Please keep it safely because there will not be replacement for it if lost~

Airen taking a photo after getting their tickets!

For more pictures, click on View all.

Lastly, we like to take this opportunity to thank singapore airen who have helped out on the day of event.

We are really happy to see so many Airen in singapore who love and support Seung Gi so much!
Let's continue to spread the Airen's love and share about Seung Gi's charms and talents to your friends and family. There will be more activities coming up! Do stay tune for more updates on facebook, twitter and our website! ^^

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