Monday, June 25, 2012

[Fan-Meeting] Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Singapore! (Official PressRelease #2)

Hi Singapore Airen,

Did you watch the Olympic Torch Relay yesterday? Airen around the world cheered as Seung Gi held the torch and ran with it.  One of the best moment in his life! Hopefully we will be hearing more from him through interview he had at the venue.

Lee Seung Gi is finally coming to Singapore and will be have a fan-meeting session at Kallang Theatre.
It is a long wait for the Singapore Airen who have been with him for many years. We are thrilled and excited as we get to greet him in Singapore coming August.

There had been quite alot of behind the scene work done in making sure information release is confirmed and arranged in an orderly manner. It is indeed a long wait on the purchase of tickets release to Airen residing in Singapore. We feel you and we have been answering all your questions on facebook, email and website in real-time as early as 5am!

On behalf of Faith & D Entertainment, we would like to thank you for your patience.
There had been alot of discussion regards to ticketing priority and where are the best seats.

We would like to give assurance once again that WE, Singapore Airen are not taking left-over seats from Overseas fan purchase or Official Fanclub purchase.
An Area had been allocated for the Launch Event for you to get your tickets.

Here is more information about the Launch Event:

Ticket Launch for Cat 1 tickets
Date: Saturday, 30 June 2012
Time: 3pm
Venue: Marina Square Shopping Mall (Link Bridge Atrium)
Ticket Available: Category 1 tickets Only
Ticket Price: $198 per ticket (Additional $2 administration fee applies)
Mode of Payment: Cash Payment Only
Purchase Restriction: Maximum 6 tickets Per Person and While Stocks Last
How many Queue: There will be ONLY ONE queue. (Lee Seung Gi Singapore will NOT be involve in sales of ticketing.)

Please note the followings.
* Queue for ticket purchase will start at 10am at the designated area shown on map
* Overnight queuing is not allowed

Not able to make it on 30 June 2012?
We are sorry to inform we are NOT accepting orders.

Ticket Sale via SISTIC
Cat 2 and Cat 3 tickets will be sold on Friday, 6 July 2012 via SISTIC (online and at SISTIC booth).
Cat 1 tickets will only be sold if there are available tickets after the ticket launch on 30 June 2012.

Lee Seung Gi Singapore
As mentioned in Faith & D Entertainment's facebook note: "In celebration of the Korean heartthrob’s first visit to Singapore, Lee Seung Gi Singapore Fanclub will be carrying out fans activity during the ticket launch."

What activities will we be carrying out on that day?
It will only be reveal to Airen who have subscribe to Lee Seung Gi Singapore's newsletters.

This is important. Please take note.
Should there be any enquiries, please email us or drop us a message on facebook.

We really hope you respect the admins as they have been working hard on the event and they have their personal life to cope with. We really hope that you do not send text messages or call the admins to stress them and ask them on the above subject matters as plans are changing every single day. The information that they received earlier all subject to change after further discussion. We understand how anxious you are but we do not wish to spread any unconfirmed plan and commit to it. It will be a disgrace to the club for unprofessional handling and also you and me as a Singapore Airen.

Lee Seung Gi Singapore is a non-profit group, we have been contributing endlessly in the name of "Lee Seung Gi Singapore" for Singapore Airen.
We hope you do not hate us or get angry with us or demand us to do things as we did it all out of sincerity and passion.
We love Seung Gi and we also cares about you. We will do our best highlighting issues and raise concerns to what Singapore Airen feel and think about the fan-meeting to Faith&D. However, we seek your understanding it all subject to their approval.

Notice by Faith & D Entertainment
Hi Singapore fans, there are plenty good seats available on 30 June for you all to grab. Starting from Row 1! So do not be anxious. We arrange for the international fans to buy tickets first because they will not have the chance to queue on 30 June. We just want to help them to secure tickets by allocating some seats for them. Please also note that Kallang Theatre is very cozy. You get birds eye view. Hope that we have addressed your concern. Fighting Airens!

For more information, please check out Faith & D Entertainment official facebook page.

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