Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lee Seung Gi: The King 2hearts Project #2

As The King 2hearts is gonna bid us goodbye on 24th May 2012, we will always remember how it got our feelings going up and down like a crazy roller-coaster which only happen on every wed and thurs. Jae Ha and Hang ah's sweet sweet love which got most of us on our feet and say no more kiss kiss! hahaha! Lee Seung Gi Singapore's last project for TK2H also took place on 6 May 2012. It is a thank you lunch planned by SeungSunLove Korea to show appreciation and love to our King, Lee Jae Ha and all casts and staff.

 We would like to thank Singapore Airen** who have contributed funds in supporting TK2H Project #1 n #2. Thank you for your faith and support in us that we manage to participate in a Daebak event which took place in Korea via SeungSunLove Japan.

nonomuchuah LSG 
Ms cool 
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SeungGi having a great time at the Thank you Meal Session.

Lee Seung Gi Singapore's 1st Signature from SeungGi! ^^
Snack baskets and Gifts for SeungGi, TK2H's PD and Casts
Chewing Gum, Mintia, Beverage, Utensils and Memorable set of stickers for TK2H Staff
Served Roasted pig BBQ & LA charcoal-broiled ribs & buffet (Over 60 types of cuisines) - SeungGi is a meat lover! He ate to his heart's content that day! He had his meal indoor. 
Last but not least, the SeungSunLove's staff! Every stickers were printed and pasted one by one on the item. The professionalism and hard work of Airen, Daebak!

For more photos, pls visit the below link:
Gift and Dinner

SeungGi's Picture and Autographs for SeungSunLove Korea, SeungSunLove Japan, China Cafe and Lee Seung Gi Singapore Airen

Here is a quote from China Cafe which is very meaningful thus decided to get it translated and share. 
Every Successful Project comes along with everyone coordination and cooperation. Every amazing project event owe it to Airen's creativity, imaginative, abilities. Anything that is related to SeungGi, every airen would transform into superman or superwoman and when everyone is together, there is no problem that we cannot solve! All this..I believe its the energy from the heart! It's comes from the love we had for him and that we found strength, thus at the very end we would like to thank everyone who been supporting and loving him and also trusting and putting your faith and support in us!! Thank you!! I believe if we have a devoted heart, all of this is just the beginning!
We hope you will continue to enjoy this journey with us. :)

In showing our appreciation to SeungSunLove Japan and Korea, we would like to do a short clip to them. Please leave a facebook message or email us at if you would wish to leave a thank you note for their great work. (Deadline: 13 May 2012, 1159pm)

Here is the Thank you video posted on SeungSunLove (Korea) and (Japan) website.

Thank you all for the message submission! :)


  1. Our dear Seungsunlove Cafe....

    Thank you so much for being such a great Airen for allowing us to participate in this event! The preparation, the gifts, the meal... were so lovely and very neatly done. You guys are awesome!

    My eyes were glued to the autographed cards signed by our dear Lee Seung Gi. The FIRST for Lee Seung Gi Singapore.... That was absolutely stunning!!! Without your consent, this precious card/message will not happen.

    From the bottom of my heart... a zillion thanks giving us the opportunity to share this memorable event.

    Hugs :) MmeShahSG

  2. Thanks much Nic... for keeping us in the loop, as always :)