Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FAQ for Lee Seung Gi's Japanese Singles Pre-Order Activites

1. For Limited Edition Set A (CD+DVD) - What is DVD Region 2?

Singapore falls under Region 3.
In most PC drives, Users are allow 5 chances to change region code. (e.g. Region 3 to 2, then Region 2 back to 3 = Total 4 chances) Once it reaches zero, the last region used will be set as permanent and cannot be change anymore.

New DVD player allow viewers to play all regions (including 2).

We strongly encourage you to check your DVD player's specifications before placing order for Limited Editon Set A (CD+DVD). :)

2. Does the DVD comes with subtitle?

There are no subtitle for the dvd.

3. Are there 11 choices for me to choose? Just that cover vary?

There are 11 different covers indeed, for your consideration! However, there are 2 in particular that has a bonus item. Limited Edition Set A (DVD) and Limited Edition Set B (Photobook).

For Limited Editon CD Singles A to H and CD Single (Original), the only difference is the cover picture. It all contain the same tracks.

4. Is there other mode of payment (e.g. Paypal)

Pls note Paypal has a handling fee which you would need to include when doing a payment. If you wish to do so, you may email ( to us and we will advise on the payment details using Paypal.

5. CD purchases count into chart?

Yes, Oricon takes data from the supplier that we ordering from and all purchases made will count towards their charts.

Data collection is done daily on the number of copies shipped. Numbers will be added into their chart the next day after our order is shipped.

6. Do you know if the photobook contain pictures of his other CD singles?

We are not able to advise you on the photobook's content as they did not reveal it. =(
If there are any sneak preview of the book, we will inform immediately.


We hope the above answer your doubts about the Pre-Order.
If no, email us at or look us up at facebook. Cheers!

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