Monday, November 7, 2011

Welcome Singapore Airen!

This site is open for Lee Seung Gi Singapore Fans!
Many Airen was lost when they came to like Seung Gi in Singapore. They love Seung Gi but do not know how to reach out to him, how to show support, how to get his Music CD and join the Fanclub in Korea, etc. We decided to come together and share what we knew.

Various activities will be posted up here for your involvement and interaction.
Activities such as voting, gathering and etc!

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to email us ( anytime.

More about us?
We are a group of Singapore Airen who love Multi-entertainer Lee Seung Gi. We come together for a common interest and passion, do things together, and share our love for Lee Seung Gi. We hardly mentioned any admin name unless necessary because we work as a TEAM. We are all Singapore Airen. We do not need individual fame or credit. =)

Our Track Records:
Strong Heart Cheering Project (Solo MC, Lee Seung Gi)
Gathering for Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert (Buffet Session at Furama Hotel)
Lee Seung Gi's 5th Album, Tonight Pre-Order Exercise (Coffee Bean at Paya Lebar and Novena Square)
Lee Seung Gi Singapore's Hoodie 2011 and Handbanner Collection (Funan IT)
Lee Seung Gi Singapore - Sign a Card and Give a Gift Event (Funan IT)
Lee Seung Gi Singapore - Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert 2011 in Seoul
Lee Seung Gi Singapore - SBS Entertainment Award 2011 Get Together and Cheer
Lee Seung Gi's Japan Singles - Renai Jidai Pre-Order Exercise (Funan IT)
Lee Seung Gi Singapore - The King 2hearts (Gift Presentation)
Lee Seung Gi Singapore - The King 2hearts Premiere Special in Singapore (Razor TV)
Lee Seung Gi's The Best Album (Japanese Version) Pre-Order Exercise 
Lee Seung Gi Singapore - The King 2hearts (Meal For TK2H's casts and crews)
More recent track records HERE...

Our Milestones:
24 March 2012 - Lee Seung Gi Singapore Airen feature on The New Paper
24 March 2012 - Lee Seung Gi Singapore Airen exclusive interview with Razor TV
6 August 2012 - Lee Seung Gi Singapore Airen exclusive interview with Lianhe Wanbao
5 May 2013 - Singapore Entertainment Awards 2013 (Best Online Fanclub)
photo SGEAWARDS.jpg

+2013 - Together with Korea, Japan, USA, Lee Seung Gi Singapore formed Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen. Singapore Airen can now share their love and passion on a beautiful website and make friends with Airen around the globe. Singapore admins continue to help Singapore Airen and also now help Airen around the World. Please give us a lot of your support. Thank you!^^

이승기 Korea with World Airen

Let's cheer for Lee Seung Gi together; simply drop us an email any time to lend us a helping hand when you are free, brainstorming session on the event and gifts together! hehe ^_^


Are you a fan of Lee Seung Gi?
Do you stay in Singapore?
Let's cheer for Lee Seung Gi in Singapore!

Lee Seung Gi Singapore is a community formed to get together, do things together and share our love and passion for Multi-entertainer, Lee Seung Gi. 
We gather all the Airen in Singapore to cheer and support Lee Seung Gi as ONE.

 There is NO enrolment / annual membership fee for joining Lee Seung Gi Singapore Fanclub.
Singapore Airen can subscribe to the WhatsApp group and get updates on LSGSG's activities.
Lee Seung Gi Singapore is NOT the Official Fanclub (

Click to Subscribe!
Note: Airen who has filled up the subscription form is NOT RECEIVING any form of committed special privileges except advice and assistance on administrative issues and updates on Lee Seung Gi's activities.


  1. Hi, I'm from Singapore too! I have never been a Kpop fan but I started watching Brillant Legacy on Channel U and began to notice a certain handsome actor - Seung Gi! Later, I found out that he has an excellent track record and he's so well-loved in Korea, which is definitely not easy to achieve! His smile really melts one's heart. I'm so glad to have found this Singapore fan club and you guys have been doing so much! I am looking forward to more LSG fans in Singapore. Hopefully, he can come one day :) Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Shelia!!! I'm from SouthAmerica, Ecuador.... I'd never cared of kpop or another singer ... but when i saw Lee Seung Gi... and how kindness and handsome and beautiful and talent person is he.... i just began to adore him!!
      and #Fighting Airens from SINGAPORE!

  2. Hi .. I would really love to join the club and welcome him together. Is there any way ? Thank you !!