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2018 Lee Seung Gi Fan-meeting in Singapore
Arrival of Lee Seung Gi in Singapore - Support Report 


Lee Seung Gi 28th Birthday
Click on Gifts Report

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Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert 2013 in Seoul
Click on Meal Event Report on 19 Nov and 20 Nov
Click on Meal Event for Concert Rehearsal and Charity Support Report

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Thank you Singapore Airen for your support!
Lee Seung Gi Singapore turn 2!

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2013 Lee Seung Gi The Brilliant Show in Singapore
Click on Support Report at Changi Airport
Click on Gift Report for Singapore Medias and Press Conference held at Bugis+
Click on Gift Report for Seung Gi and Hook staff
Click on Meal Event for FM and FM Support Report

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Kang Chi, the Beginning Drama Support Events
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Click on Press Conference Report

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Celebrating Lee Seung Gi 9th Debut Anniversary Click Here

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Singapore Entertainment Awards 2013 - Vote for Lee Seung Gi Click Here

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Cheering for 'Kang Chi, the Beginning' (Lee Seung Gi as Choi Kang Chi) Click Here

Seung Gi, Happy Valentine's Day! Click Here

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Join fan-community, 이승기 Korea with World Airen:
Together with Lee Seung Gi Korea Fanclub, Lee Seung Gi Japan Fanclub and USAiren Fanclub, Lee Seung Gi Singapore Fanclub will cheer for our love, Lee Seung Gi at a beautiful website.

All of us may be living in different countries with different languages and have not met one another before, but because of a guy named ‘Lee Seung Gi’, we came together. We solved all the challenges under the name of…Airen! Registration is straight-forward and easy. Everyone is welcome to join!

From Seung Gi:
1 Mar 2013 - Heritory Message to Singapore Airen (Worldren)
13 Jan 2013 - World Map Acknowledgement

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Seung Gi, Happy 27th Birthday! Click to read

Lee Seung Gi Singapore is moving toward a new phase... Click to read

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Join Official Website: www.leeseunggi.com
Registration Guide on How to join: CLICK HERE

More Projects Summary - Click to Read

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